LPE Military Youth Tour

LPE is taking our exclusive youth programs on tour to Military bases and locations across the country. As part of our tour, we bring Project Bear Essentials (PBE) and our Military Kids Fit For Life (MKFFL) program. While on tour, we are offering PBE (for families dealing with PTSD) to off-base locations as well. 

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Project Bear Essentials

In December 2010, LPE launched a new program for children ages pre-school through 12 years. It is called Project Bear Essentials (PBE), and it’s designed specifically for children who have a parent deployed or who might soon deploy.

Our goal is to help these children be recognized for their service and sacrifice and to bring awareness to the emotional stress a child might have as a result of deployment.

Years ago, it came to our attention that many young children have difficulties at home and in school, because of the stress associated with the deployment of a parent or guardian. Stress has become a serious family issue. Our program is designed to help children who might be at risk, and to help them learn coping and relaxation skills to deal with emotional stress.

At the same time, our main focus is to recognize each child for their service.

This program is approximately 45-60 minutes, for kids age 2-12.  We accept 30-50 children at each session. Our Program Facilitator (or LPE’s Young Ambassadors) will read a book that helps recognize the fact that these children serve too! Then the children will join our LPE Kids Chat session, which will last for 15-20 min, allowing them to open up and discuss their life as a military child.  Our goal is to help parents (who are required to attend) open up a new dialogue to assist their children with any emotional issues they might be having. After our Kids Chat, we do a unique art project. Our program ends with photos and autographs with our Young Ambassador guests. 

This program is free to all military kids! 


Project Bear Essentials
for children in families dealing with PTSD

This specialized PBE program is being offered at VFW and at American Legion (and other locations) across the country, for kids of Veterans who are dealing with PTSD and similar related issues in the home. Our program is facilitated by both Young Ambassadors, and a specialist who is trained in working with children’s issues. Our program is structured the same as our regular PBE program (above) with a parent’s session added, and different reading materials used according to the age of the children. This program is free for all youth of Veterans and requires parent participation. Our PBE (PTSD) holds sessions for age 2-12 and 13-16. Every child and parent receives a program that promotes positive action and both parents and kids receive books and other materials to assist their family. 

This program is free to Veterans and their children! 


Military Kids Fit for Life!

Military Kids Fit For Life (MKFFL) is an LPE fitness program that was launched October 26, 2013 at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.  Since 2013, we have taken our fitness program to other military bases, and our program has evolved into a unique program that is a regular component of LPE Military Youth Tour! 

MKFFL program teaches youth about the importance of eating healthy & fitness, and about personal safety, as they deal with life’s challenges. Our fitness program is based on traditional martial arts and teaches how to negotiate healthy boundaries, social interaction skills including anti-bullying techniques, teaches safety through self-awareness and assertive training, and teaches kids how to be the hero in challenging situations.

The program supports positive relationships with peers and with adults. Our program provides tools for long-term success and encourages the best emotional and physical outcomes for both Military youth and their family. We have partnered with The United States Mixed Martial Arts Kick International Federation (UMMAF) to bring this program to the youth. 

If you are working with children on a military base and are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact us via email.